kenlee (v.)

Today’s word cannot be found in any dictionary. Yet. That is because I made it up myself. Not entirely out of the blue, naturally. There was some inspiration in a current viral video that I have embedded with this article.

Kenleeing is actually a widespread phenomenon. I would not go so far as to proclaim that everybody does it. But I am quite certain, that everybody knows what I am talking about.
To kenlee is to sing a song in a foreign language. You have only heard the song and you do not know the language it is originally sung in. You have no idea at all what the lyrics are about. In fact, you have no idea at all what the lyrics are.
I know I did a lot of kenleeing when I was a child. I kenleed songs like Depeche Mode’s “Master and Servant” before I knew enough English to comprehend what it was about.
Unlike the now unfortunately famous singer of “Ken Lee”, I never publicly kenleed, mainly because I was painfully conscious of my deficiencies in understanding and speaking English. I simply knew that “what I am singing here cannot be right”.
I feel for all the mocking the singer has to endure for her passionate performance and for taking kenleeing to the public stage she deserves to have kenlee created in her honour to give a name to an activity we are all familiar with.

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  1. Stefan Noack Says:

    I remember when I was about 4 years old, I couldn’t speak English, only knew a few words. I tried to speak English anyways but i was afraid of acciedently saying “bad words” so I always hid behind the sofa and spoke quietly so nobody could hear me.

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