wankoofer (n.)

This is not the first instant of a word of the week which is quite new. Kenlee was the first. And as of yet I have not found any written occurance of this weeks example. However, over the last few weeks it has featured abundantly in German television and especially radio broadcasts of the currently ongoing Olympic winter games.

For the longest time speculations ran wild as to the meaning of wankoofer. Upon consulting a range of dictionaries wankoofer was discovered to probably stem from

wank (v.), (of a male person) to masturbate (often followed by off)”.1

Hence: wank off – wankoof – wankoofer. It seemed prudent to conclude wankoofer to describe a person – as in someone who is wanking off.

Judging from the use of the word, however, it could be deduced to designate a place, as in “People from all over the world have assembled in wankoofer.”

Then again wankoofer seems to indicate a certain state of mind (the state of being in the mood of wanking off): “For sixteen days visitors will experience what it means to be in wankoofer: celebration, euphoria, ecstasy. The greatest experience for anyone.”

So far unclear is the meaning of this recorded piece of Olympic broadcasting: “Wankoofer offers a number of vonderful wenues.”

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