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First time I jumped an English queue – and we are still on the continent. Luckily the drivers of all the craftsmen’s vans and caravans took it lightly. In my own defence: the ferry boarding assistant had been sending mixed signals. From my perspective he had waved me to himself. He claimed, however, he had waved me „into the right lane“.

We are all aboard the biggest ship I’ve ever been on. Deck 3 – where we had to park the car due to the bicycles atop it feels like an air plane hangar. Actually it is about 6 metres high and 30 metres wide. I can only guess, but it must be around 100 metres long. The ship is 215m long and 31.5 metres wide. The „Pride of Hull“ and her sister vessel, the „Pride of Rotterdam“ can each hold 400 lorries and 250 cars as well as 1,300 passengers. There is room for a shower and toilet in each cabin and we have enough room to sleep comfortably all five of us in their separate beds while the strong engines propel us north-westward at about 35 kilometres per hour.

Right now it is twenty to nine and we are ready to depart in about 20 minutes. Standing on the sun deck about 30 metres above sea level I watch the loading crew leave the ramp and other crew members loosening the lines tethering us to the quay. They are chains, actually, each link probably weighing as much as little Alexander who is snoozing peacefully in his pushchair.

A small tugboat is making ready to steer us out of Europoort safely as the captain welcomes us on board via the announcement system. Safety instructions follow in English, Dutch and German.

Although the sky is clouded over we do not have to make do without the stars because it seems they have all fallen down around us. Of course what I see are the millions of lights of the harbour. But the prospect of going overseas simply taking time off work and spending it with my family puts a romantic veil even on this gigantic industrial estate.


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