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N 53° 30.613 | W 000° 24.839

Our coordinates have undergone dramatic change. We are now no longer at Eastern longitude but just west of the Greenwich meridian. It is five past three in the afternoon and I’m driving through the rural (and sunny!) English countryside. BBC Humberside are playing The Bangles and I realise for the first time it is going to be a while until I have to face another Manic Monday. Such a great feeling.

Our arrival here at Setcops Farm was a bit awkward which was completely our own fault. We were quite early and of course you are not actually allowed to check in anytime before noon. But we were all a bit travel weary and it was only a 45 minute drive across the Humber Bridge and then more or less straight down south. I guess we caught Kevin and Eleanor a bit off guard. But they were really lovely about it. Kevin lead us straight to our little cottage – home for the next 59 days. Later Eleanor came round, too and they both made us feel very welcome. Theo’s comment on entering The Dairy was „Luvle!“ And it really is. The boys have a Wii console and Alexander has a huge box of loud toys for him to play with (and get on my and Katja’s nerves a bit).

It is all very rural. Basically we live in the middle of a field which is in the middle of a number of other fields. Katja and I took a walk with Alex in the pushchair earlier this afternoon and we found a tiny village shop in North Kelsey, about a kilometre away. It had everything from fresh milk, bread and meat to tinned soup and stationary. There we got the essentials for our first little lunch in our English home.

The rest of the day pretty much consisted of unpacking and food shopping. Later in the afternoon Dan dropped by on his way home from work. It is so good to see him and to know it will be the first of many times over the next few weeks.

More than with any other trip I have planned and later taken it all feels quite unreal. But it is beginning to sink in. Yes, the ferry really is strong enough to carry our car (and me!) across the north sea. Yes, Setcops Farm really does exist. And yes, a project you work on for a while and look forward to for months really can work out well in the end. Well, at least for us it has started out well. And in a few minutes we will be off with Emil and Theo to introduce ourselves at their school for the next few weeks, Caistor Montessori.

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