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The first stop on our Sunday outing had to be Caistor Town Hall. Being geocachers we are used to quite a bit when it comes to reaching into dark holes in search for the treasure: gaps in walls, holes in the ground, dead trees. But today we equipped ourselves with heavy duty rubber gloves and a fresh pack of bin liners. The job was to search the dustbins of yesterday’s Christmas Food Fair. We were not in search of a cache with a “disgust rating” of 5. Ours was a business far more serious.

The previous day we had visited the small market together with Barbara who had driven over from Sheffield. In the evening we were hectically looking for Theo’s braces. Quite soon, however, it transpired that Theo had taken them off to sample some cake at the fair. In order not to disgust anyone he had wrapped the braces in a napkin. The tray was cleared by the hard-working staff and no-one remembered the braces. Until evening. Clinging to the flimsy hope of maybe finding them searching the bins the next day, Theo slowly calmed down and finally fell asleep.

Luckily the dust bins were not behind a gate. We could easily access them and after ten minutes of systematic digging and rummaging Theo was able to lift the trophy triumphantly into the blue Lincolnshire autumn sky.

After refreshments at the Arts & Heritage Centre’s café (they make the best coleslaw in the world) we drove to the sea. As soon as we had arrived at Cleethorpes, the boys were in their wellies and out exploring the mudflat. That would have sufficed for a successful afternoon for us. But suddenly three large horse trucks stopped at the parking lot. By their cropped manes, braided tails and shaved sides the animals were easily recognisable as polo horses. That is how, completely unexpectedly we were treated to our first polo tournament right there on Cleetorpes beach.

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