London Trip Challenges

Challenge 1

Eat something you have never eaten before (and tell us what it was). Borough Market right behind Southwark Cathedral is a good place to look.

Challenge 2

Ask your host family about their favourite tv-series and what it is about. Tell them about your favourite tv-series.

Challenge 3

Ask your host family about their favourite meals and tell them about your own favourite meal.

Challenge 4

Ask a stranger on the tube or in the street help you find the way.

Challenge 5

Ask a stranger to show you where you are on your map.

Challenge 6

Go into a shop and try out your shopping vocabulary: I’m just browsing. Where can I try this on? How much is it? etc.

Challenge 7

Talk to a Londoner (stranger or host family) about the weather for atleast a minute.

Challenge 8

Use the left side on the tube escalator and ask politely when people stand in your way.


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