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A Photo a Day During My Sabbatical.

An idea Katja floated in passing: “Why not take a picture a day during your sabbatical.” Well, let’s see how it develops.

On this page you can always see the twelve most current photos. A click on a picture will take you to my Instagram where you can see all the photos and comments. You are welcome to like and comment yourselves.

  • 6 December mbiusband mobiusstrip mbiusnudel mobiuspasta mathspasta mbiusstrip mathsfordinner mathematicalcookinghellip
  • Easter weather on Boxing day in Zwickau pulverturm zwickau zwickauermuldehellip
  • 21 December firsttime scones
  • 30 October Crisp Monday morning buxton at its best theslopesbuxton
  • 15 October autumncycling autumnal autumnleaves autumncolours leaveschanging
  • 10 October Pissing down outside forced onto the spinner
  • 30 September Short autumn morning ride along the Zschopau river
  • Took this lovely shot about a week before we lefthellip
  • 4 September Great to have christhejuggler at our weekly Mastershellip
  • 3 September Open for business!
  • 29 Juli dasistunserchemnitz parksommer parksommerchemnitz

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