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Theo Juggling In Buxton

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

…and Emil filmed him doing it.

This is a tribute to Buxton, Derbyshire. We were fortunate to spend five months here and get to know the town, the Peak District and the amazing people living here. Thanks to all who made our time in Buxton so special.

Juggling: Theo Kurpierz
Filming and Editing: Emil Kurpierz
Song: Smashing Pumpkins, Never Let Me Down Again (Depeche Mode)


Juggling in Buxton from Steffen Kurpierz on Vimeo.

Sofa, Crisps & TV-Series

Friday, August 5th, 2016

A Photo a Day During My Sabbatical.

An idea Katja floated in passing: “Why not take a picture a day during your sabbatical.” Well, let’s see how it develops.

On this page you can always see the twelve most current photos. A click on a picture will take you to my Instagram where you can see all the photos and comments. You are welcome to like and comment yourselves.

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September Cycling

Monday, August 1st, 2016


For a year now I have been looking forward to spending this late summer on the bicyle.

I will try to continue to post a picture a day on my Instagram. The title “Sofa, Crisps & TV-Series” will stand even if it is no longer truly descriptive.

In addition I will attempt to update this post regularly with some data from the stages of my trip. However, since I am only taking my mobile and no laptop it will be the mere essentials.

8 September. Feldberg – Fürstenberg/Havel.

Passing through Berlin’s main terminal.

distance 35 km
time 1 hr 35 mins
avg speed 21.2 km/h
elevation 125 up 140 down

And from here on home. By train. I had been thinking of returning since about day 3, weighing the pros and cons. Basically it came down to this.

Reasons to continue

  • because I can (even though I don’t want to)
  • bragging rights: I rode to the Baltic Sea on my bike. (But every other guy will tell you that he knows someone who knows  someone who rode from the Fichtelberg to Kap Arkona in 24 hours.)

Reasons to return

  • because I can (and want to)
  • I can ride in Chemnitz  too.
  • Among the worst experiences I had were the nights when I was utterly alone in a hostel in the middle of nowhere. Don’t need that anymore.

7 September. Stage 7. Wandlitz – Feldberg

The famous giant match of Gräpkenteich.

distance 100.7 km
time 4 hrs 22 mins
avg speed 23.0 km/h
elevation 490 up 442 down

Wonderful riding for the first 50k. After that asphalt turned into a really bad gravel road. And after 6k of that there stood a sign warning of bad road surface. Equally close to my destination and tears I decided to add 20k in favour of a smoother ride. Now I am at the hostel and for the first time on the trip i feel like I don’t want to ride anymore.

6 September. Stage 6. Buckow (Märkische Schweiz) – Wandlitz.

Wandlitzer See.

distance 58.2 km
time 2 hrs 34 mins
avg speed 22.6 km/h
elevation 267 up 258 down

Good riding today. A bit hilly in the first half. But the weather was very pleasant.

5 September. Stage 5. Klein Köriser See – Buckow (Märkische Schweiz).


distance 70.9 km
time 3 hrs 10 mins
avg speed 22.3 km/h
elevation 168 up 174 down

Another rainy day.

List of things I did today with Katja in mind.

  • think of her
  • take the cycle paths even though they made for terrible and slow riding
  • buy myself a few of those wee cucumbers she likes
  • think of her
  • shave
  • look at my watch so I don’t miss 11:23
  • think of her

4 September. Stage 4. Burg (Spreewald) – Klein Köriser See.

Taken at Klein Köriser lake where I am staying tonight.

distance 75.3 km
time 3 hrs 20 mins
avg speed 22.6 km/h
elevation 99 up 122 down

Took a little detour today to see Lübben which is a proper Spreewald tourist trap. After lunch there the rain intensified. Paired with hostile wind it made for an unpleasant ride. But now I’m here the sky is clearing up and I might even see the sun today.

3 September. Rest day. Burg (Spreewald)

Could have continued today. But I did not know that when I booked the two nights here. But it is a lovely spot. Between shopping for tomorrow’s means of sustenance, bike maintenance and juggling practice there is plenty of time for putting up my legs amd resting.

2 September. Stage 3. Dahlen – Burg (Spreewald)

Using the classic road book for navigation.

distance 113.8 km
time 5 hrs
avg speed 22.8 km/h
elevation 335 up 438 down

1st September. Stage 2. Colditz – Dahlen

distance 39.7 km
time 2 hrs 1 min
avg speed 19.6 km/h
elevation 330 up 347 down

31st August. Stage 1. Chemnitz – Colditz 

Crossing the Zwickauer Mulde in Rochlitz.

distance 49.5 km
time 2 hrs 17 mins
avg speed 21.6 km/h 
elevation 366 up 523 down

It was harder than I had thought.after about half the distance there were a few short (max 1 km) climbs but they were steep. The last few km were beautiful in the Zwickauer Mulde valley.

 29th August. Stage 0. Test ride to check bike setup

Bike setup complete: my faithful 17-year-old Cannondale CAAD3 with Shimano 105. Ritchey MTB pedals, new. BobYak trailer with approximately 15 kg luggage.

distance 57.7 km
time 2 hrs 35 mins
avg speed 22.5 km/h
elevation 335 up 335 down