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Cromarty (English version)

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

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Emil and Theo’s first week of school almost over, we are starting to establish a routine. And it is the best of routines imaginable. The English have a lot of good sense when it comes to starting the day right. And I do not mean the classic Full English Breakfast. It usually consists of eggs (scrambled, fried or over-easy) and bacon, some sausages and Black Pudding on the side, along with baked beans and fried tomatoes and mushrooms. Oh, and a couple of slices French Toast. If you like it hardy and substantial it may just be your thing. A couple of hours after ingesting a Full English, you may even be able to move again. But this kind of meal in the morning has one thing going for it: You don’t need anything else until tea in the late afternoon, when you may feel inclined towards sharing an apple with your loved ones. The name Full English, however, implies that there are tuned down versions of it. Only very few English have it on a daily basis. It is rather more like a cherished tradition, cultivated on special days. But this post actually is not about breakfast.